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The Ultimate Guide to Gmail - Gmail has profited from Google's innovations to become a very popular email service and it has differentiated itself from other services in many ways.
Thaks: Andrew
voices : 20466
AnonMail - Get your own encrypted and anonymous E-Mail address for free without any personal information required.
Thaks: TFS
voices : 3052 - A great free e-mail service, providing a massive 5GB space, with Web mail, POP3 access, spam protection and a host of other useful features.
Thaks: Free Men
voices : 1908 - Free email account with unlimited storage, 2000 domain names to choose from, spam and virus protection, large attachement support and more.
Thaks: Foma
voices : 1805
Mail Big File - A secure web based method of sending large files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email. Features anti-virus scanner and progress meter. Maximum file size is 1 GB.
Thaks: Rok
voices : 1797
TempEMail - The place where you get a Free, Temporary, Disposable, Anonymous, email address, keeping your own email address Spam and Virus Free!
Thaks: Wik
voices : 1684
My Way - Join now for free and get: 125MB storage / 10MB message size, Enhanced spam prevention tools, Stationery, fonts and more (IE only), Or enjoy one-click access to Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail or other webmail services - right on My Way!
Thaks: EZ
voices : 1578
Mail2Web - real best and free email. Pick Up Your Email. From any computer, anywhere in the world. No need to register!
Thaks: Free Man
voices : 1444
Cwazy - Operated from Gateshead in the UK and provides a free e-mail account on their own server. All accounts here can be accessed via the Web, via POP3 or via IMAP. One thing that distinguishes this mail provider from others very similar is it's totally non commercial, (they provide this service simply because people enjoy using it and not for the profits which could be obtained).
Thaks: MM
voices : 1090
Hushmail – Free Email with Privacy - Finally, a private email account with no ads, first class technical support, and unlimited email aliases.
Thaks: MM
voices : 794
Hotmail - Owned by Microsoft, Hotmail is the largest free Web-based E-mail provider, with over 110 million registered users. Hotmail offers mail filtering that allows you to direct mail into folders and also features a spell checker and a signature option, as well as the ability to customize the layout. You can add up to 20 recipients per message, as well as send attachments. Hotmail also offers its users the option of scanning attachments for viruses.
Thaks: Free Man
voices : 598 - Not to be confused with Microsoft's desktop program, this new excellent free service challenges Gmail as the Web's most powerful email service.
Thaks: TFS
voices : 447
Yahoo! Mail - One of the top free Web-based E-mail services, Yahoo! Mail offers a powerful package that gives you four megabytes of storage space, along with nifty features such as spam filtering. We particularly like the Norton Antivirus feature, which automatically scans incoming E-mail attachments. Yahoo! Mail also lets you password-protect outgoing E-mails.
Thaks: Free Man
voices : 226
Total Free Emails : 13
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