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Free iTunes Store Gift Card - Get a prepaid visa to shop the iTunes Store. Request yours today!

Free iTunes Store Gift Card
Thaks: Alvin
voices : 36714
Download ANY track from SoundCloud for FREE - Get your FREE SoundCloud downloader. A simple add-on to your SoundCloud player. Automatically saves all tracks in mp3 format under track name. 100% free. No limitations.

Download ANY track from SoundCloud for FREE
Thaks: CC
voices : 40003
Free $100 iTunes Gift Card - Get a $100 iTunes Gift Card. All cards work on the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store.

Free $100 iTunes Gift Card
Thaks: EZ
voices : 38871
Download up to 50 Free Songs wen You Join eMusic - Listen to and discover new MP3 music. Downloadable tracks and full albums compatible with the iPod, iPhone, Android, and other MP3 players.

Download up to 50 Free Songs wen You Join eMusic
Thaks: Paolo
voices : 38209
Free MP3 Downloads - Explore tons of new music or create a personalized mix from various artists, free from Amazon MP3. Check out all free MP3 albums, thousands of free MP3 songs, or discover free music from our favorite new Artists on the Rise.
Thaks: Free Men
voices : 34750 - A family friendly site that offers a good roundup of free WAV sound files. Categories here include answering machine WAVs, cartoon WAVs, E-mail WAVs, funny WAVs, movie WAVs, parody WAVs, vehicle WAVs, and more.
Thaks: TFS
voices : 10145
FindSounds - Looking for a specific sound effect or sound sample? offers a search engine that lets you easily locate sounds on the Web. The search engine here lets you find files in several formats, including .WAV, .AIFF and .AU. From creaking doors to crackling thunder to explosions, you'll find it here.
Thaks: Faraon
voices : 6296
1100 Free Midi Files - Download free midi files on Midipedia. More than 2'000 midi file are availaible in our midi files section.
Thaks: ROL
voices : 4811
Movie Sounds Central - This fun site offers hundreds of high quality movie WAV sound files, including many memorable snippets of dialogue from the silver screen. The site is easy to navigate and is refreshingly free of popups and ad clutter.
Thaks: TFS
voices : 4626
Free Children's MP3s - Kiddy Records Weekly offers a nice selection of free MP3 downloads of classic children's records from the 1940s and 50s.
Thaks: App
voices : 4257
Clay's Sound Emporium - There's lot of WAV files here from various TV shows and movies. Categories include: "The Simpsons," "The Atomic Cafe," oddities, "Pulp Fiction," "The Wizard of Oz," funny stuff, and more. And if you're fed up with the lame sound that your E-mail program emits to tell you that you've got new mail, you'll appreciate the "Mail Call" section here that features lots of cool sounds specifically for that purpose. There's also a section on "How to Make Your Own WAVs."
Thaks: Roman
voices : 4188
ReelWavs - Relive your favorite moments from the cinema at this site, which offers a fun collection of free WAV sound files from hundreds of movies. Sound files here include clips from classic films, as well as the latest Hollywood blockbusters.
Thaks: TFS
voices : 3253
Free Music - Interested in some free music? offers over 500 complete albums in MP3 format online, in styles ranging from classical, electronica, metal, rock and more.
Thaks: ROL
voices : 2282
Prank Calls Unlimited - This site offers a collection of free, prank phone calls. You'll also find a wild collection of free sound effects and other gags.
Thaks: Roman
voices : 2252
Digitally Imported Online Radio - Also known as, is a site offering free online radio service. Slogan - Electronic Dance Music with highly addictive elements. Provides over 14 channels and more of electronic, trance, dance, hard dance, progressive, chill out, deep house, classica electronica, euro dances, dj mixes and more.
Thaks: QQ
voices : 1624
Total Free Music : 24
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